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Thanks for your ministry to all our women this week. I know your light is shining all over our base. You have done a great job pouring into our ladies, thus many men will be blessed. …thanks for allowing our Lord to use you to make a positive impact in people’s lives.  
Richard Holmes, Shaw Air Force Base Chaplain

Thank you Susan for helping me to open my heart to the Joy that Christ saved for me. I’m thankful for this weekend, my first retreat, and will remember it forever.
Glenda, Arizona

…Thank you for coming to speak to our women. The love of Jesus pours through you as you share and interact with others. You have a gift of making people feel loved, and your life challenges others to want to be more like Christ.
Anita Barnes, Pastor’s Wife Covenant Community  Church Scottsdale, Arizona


…your presentation at the Christian Women’s Conference touched my life.
Janelle, Illinois


Thanks for the encouragement!  As a new pastor’s wife living in a new country, your words are invaluable.  I want deep roots in His love so I can bloom for His glory.
Margaret, Hong Kong


Thank you so much for teaching us! I am so grateful for every word you speak and every hour you spend in preparation.
Emily, Houston, Texas


Susan’s teaching always points me to Christ. I love Christ more because of her.
Donielle, Staff Wife
Scottsdale Bible Church, Arizona


Thank you for being here for us.  You are an anchor for our military women as you speak to the challenges we face daily and help us focus on Christ, not our circumstances.
Michelle, army wife.

The message that Susan shared at our Women’s Retreat was unforgettable! Susan is a dynamic and skilled speaker. She is “real”. She can have you laughing one minute and crying the next. Her ability to reach the heart of each person in the room is amazing. We loved her so much that we invited her back the next year!
Miranda Kokes, Franklin Christian Church, Franklin, TN

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Thank you for visiting my page, and for considering me as your next speaker. My hope is that the information I provide here will give you what you need to make an informed decision as you consider the speaker for your next event.

As a leader of a ministry, I know the importance of bringing in a speaker who will inspire and refresh attendees and help to renew passion in leaders. You want to know that you’ve made a wise investment of your time and resources  in a speaker who will  bring enthusiasm and energy to those who are part of your organization or church and to all in attendance.

If you’re leading an After the Boxes Are Unpacked study group and would like to request a Skype session, please contact my assistant, Paulette. Email her at paulettemiller@justmoved.org or call her at 480.991.5268, Tuesday-Thursday, 9am to 4pm.


1. Prompt replies to your emails and phone calls.

2. Availability to speak with you about the goals you hope to achieve through this event. I want to be sure that we’re on the “same page” and that my message will be what you need.

3. We will publicize your event on my website, the website of Just Moved Ministry, my blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

4. I will be available to connect with you before, during, and after my message(s). Any connection I can have with you and your leaders helps me to better understand the needs of your group and contributes to the credibility of my message.

5. A follow-up conversation with you following the event. I’ll want to find out if your hopes for the event were realized and I value your feedback if there are ways I can improve.


I have been speaking publicly since 1987 when I started teaching and ministering to newcomers at Scottsdale Bible Church in Scottsdale, AZ. Following the 1995 publication of my book, After the Boxes are Unpacked, and the launch of Just Moved Ministry, I began my professional speaking career. I have been interviewed on several television programs and have had many radio interviews, including Focus on the Family and Family Life Today.

In addition to After the Boxes are UnpackedI have also written But Mom, I Don’t Want to Move! , the After the Boxes Are Unpacked Newcomer Study Guide and Teacher Guide, and My Journey: a Journal for Movers (in the process of being reprinted).

My primary audience is women, but I have had many opportunities to speak to couples. Men are glad to have a deeper understanding of their wives’ needs and wives are grateful for their husbands to “get it”. I have spoken to church leadership, church women’s events and retreats, Protestant Women of the Chapel (military) groups, employees experiencing a corporate transfer, mission groups, and MOPS groups.

I speak on topics related to faith, every day life, handling change, spiritual growth, marriage, and the daily demands faced by a wife and mom. Once I understand the unique needs of your group I’m committed to putting together a message that will inspire and encourage.

Though I primarily receive requests from faith-based groups to speak about faith-based topics, I am sensitive to organizations that want me to share a more inspirational message rather than a spiritual one. Though my speaking is based on Biblical principles, I am able to share those principles  in a way that is sensitive to the delicate balance often required in mixing faith with secular organizations.

I was happily married for 45 years to my wonderful husband, Bill, until his death in 2009. As the daughter of a World War II and Korean war veteran and the wife of a Vietnam veteran and then corporate employee, I know what it means to be uprooted often by a move. Though I’m often requested to speak about change and the impact of a move, my speaking topics encompass much more. Young women, especially, are eager to learn how to successfully face life’s challenges and they appreciate the experience and wisdom that I bring to my speaking and teaching.

I live in Scottsdale, AZ and have two grown children and six wonderful grandchildren. When I’m not  speaking, teaching, or in my office at Just Moved Ministry, I love spending time with my children and grandchildren, gardening and reading.

A few of my most requested topics

woman lying in the grassDeep Roots in Christ

Every now and then, a woman needs a good visual to get the message! With this theme, a garden is your life, and God is your gardener. We’ll talk about how to face the many changes that come in different seasons of your life. Then, if you’ve ever watered your woes like I have, I’ll show you how to fertilize your faith instead. I’ll help you understand why you have those pity parties when circumstances become overwhelming, and how to strengthen your faith as you dig deep roots in Christ. I’ll even challenge you to bloom, girl, bloom! And, if you really want to keep on planting, I can equip you with the seeds to grow in your marriage and parenting! (Designed for weekend retreat or conference: up to six sessions)





woman looking in the mirrorMirror, Mirror on the Wall…
Reflections of Christ in Your Life

Have you ever said to yourself, “Who IS that person in the mirror?” Well, I have—and sometimes I see things I don’t like about myself!  In this message, we’ll take a good look at how we view ourselves with all our hang-ups, and what we see when we look at ourselves through God’s eyes. We’ll clear the cobwebs to get a clear view of who we really are. I will pass along some great biblical principles and even some practical how-to’s that will help you see yourself as God sees you, and how you can reflect Christ in every arena of your life. (Designed for weekend retreat or conference: three sessions)


busy womanCaught in the Crossfire of Daily Battles

As a wife and a mom, you face the battlefields of life every day. How do you fight the battle of loneliness and fear when you feel alone and anxious? How do you protect your marriage and your children from brokenness? How do you strengthen your home from being pulled apart? How do you have victory over your circumstances when you are overwhelmed? Sometimes you feel defeated before you even start the day. Life happens, and you get caught in the crossfire. As I arm you with God’s marching orders and some practical insight, you will be gently reminded that your daily battles are best left at the foot of the cross and in the care of Jesus. (Designed for military retreat or conference: up to five sessions)


woman in crisisSurviving Your Circumstances During Tough Times

In this day and age, you often face circumstances that are beyond your control. Your crisis might be loss of a job, loss of a home, moving, divorce, rebellious children, illness, or death—just to name a few. You wonder how you will ever get through this difficult and stressful time, much less how you will even survive it emotionally. I share my story and the strength I found through Christ, not only to survive, but to thrive, in the midst of my loss. From my experience, and the biblical principles I know and trust, I will equip you to live above your circumstances. (Designed for a one-hour session)


woman facing changeConfronting Change with Christ

I have often heard that the only thing constant in life is change. Those constant changes in our lives can be good or bad; happy or sad, and bring with them a kaleidoscope of emotions that affect every aspect of our lives. As a woman who has gone through a major life-change, I know first-hand how it can make you stronger if you face change with Christ – or how it can break you when you try to face it alone. I’d love to share what I learned in the process, and how you can find peace and joy with any major change in your life. (Designed for a one-hour session)


grateful womanHow Do I Encourage You? Let Me Count the Ways…

Have you ever wanted to encourage someone and you didn’t know what to do, what to say, or what to take to them as a means of encouragement? Well, grab your pen and paper! We’ll start with encouragement from God’s word, and then I’ll share with you fun and practical ways to encourage the people in your life—everyone from your husband, to your children, family, and friends. You’ll leave personally encouraged and equipped to encourage others! (Designed for a one-hour session)

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