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Susan Miller


I have a passion for helping women trust God and live out His Word as they navigate times of change and uncertainty. For more than 30 years I've crisscrossed the globe bringing hope and encouragement to women in the military, in churches, on the mission field, and in communities. No matter your life place - single, married, divorced, widowed, or retired – God offers a path of hope, meaning, and joy, in the midst of your circumstances


Susan Miller

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lessons from the trail

Lessons from the trail

I did some hiking recently in uncharted territory in northern Arizona.  For those who know me, it goes without saying that any hiking territory is unfamiliar to me. I don’t hike, but I have friends who do, and I aspire to be able to climb mountain trails and leap tall buildings with them. It was…
leaving behind a close friend

Lost and Found: Friendships on the move

We are living in a culture where people are yearning for connection and community. “For Sale” and “Sold” signs are like confetti that sprinkle our neighborhoods. Moving vans and moving boxes have become all too familiar on the street where we live. Although moving can be for all the right reasons, our mobile society has…
Susan Miller and grandkids

Be the first to blink

Choose to initiate in your relationships Sometimes over-thinking something can plunge me into a mental pity party and, on a hard day, I can spiral down quickly. It was one of those pity-party days when I realized how quickly my grandchildren were growing up and how much I missed their presence in my life. The…


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