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Susan Miller


I have a passion for helping women trust God and live out His Word as they navigate times of change and uncertainty. For more than 30 years I've crisscrossed the globe bringing hope and encouragement to women in the military, in churches, on the mission field, and in communities. No matter your life place - single, married, divorced, widowed, or retired – God offers a path of hope, meaning, and joy, in the midst of your circumstances


Susan Miller

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when you want to run away to the circus

When you want to run away from everything and join the circus

A young mom in my life who has five children, including a toddler and a baby, sent me a text recently. It’s worth sharing since we can all resonate with the feelings behind her words and have probably felt like doing the same thing at one time or another. She texted, “Today is the kind of…
mom and child

We “get to” every day!

Some of you might know that one of the ways I get to volunteer at my church is by greeting people each Sunday. I stand near the curb, along with Al, Patti, and Bob, and we get to welcome everyone who is walking from the parking lot to the church campus. We get to be “on the front lines”…
preparing the rooms of your heart

Preparing Your Heart for a Move

Where Do You Begin? A friend asked if she could meet with me for coffee last week. There was a sense of urgency in her voice and her eyes were brimming with tears. Her news was all too familiar. “We are moving,” she said. “With the pandemic layoffs here, my husband has been looking for…


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