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Susan Miller


I have a passion for helping women trust God and live out His Word as they navigate times of change and uncertainty. For more than 30 years I've crisscrossed the globe bringing hope and encouragement to women in the military, in churches, on the mission field, and in communities. No matter your life place - single, married, divorced, widowed, or retired – God offers a path of hope, meaning, and joy, in the midst of your circumstances


Susan Miller

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Timeless memories

I was on a Saturday morning mission to check off my list of errands and be back home by noon. My first stop was a well-known shop with experts in repairing all kinds of clocks and watches. Walking through a maze of lovely grandfather clocks, wall clocks, and music boxes, I found the watch repair…
family saying grace at dinner

Six Things You Won’t Regret Saying During the Thanksgiving Season

I’m getting a little bit crazy with the holidays coming. Calendar getting full… schedule time with friends… thinking about turkeys—the ones on sale… stuffed or unstuffed this year?.. remember to find recipes… make list of ingredients… pull fall decoration boxes from garage… Christmas boxes are next to them… take a deep breath…. It is obvious…
do-over day

Do-Over Day

Ever had one of those days, or even one of those weeks, when you just couldn’t seem to pull yourself, or your life, together? True confession. I have, and it’s not a pretty picture of me. Those are the days when I’m overwhelmed, overloaded, over scheduled, and simply pooped at the end of the day.…


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