After the Boxes Are Unpacked; Moving On After Moving In

Revised expanded After the Boxes are Unpacked

For over 20 years After the Boxes are Unpacked has helped thousands of uprooted women face a move with greater hope and trust in God.

Susan Miller’s empathetic and practical advice reminds women they’re not alone. With true stories, deep insights, and helpful tips, this great gift book makes transitioning smoother so women can get on with their lives After the Boxes are Unpacked.

After the Boxes Are Unpacked Companion Journal

After the Boxes Are Unpacked Companion Journal

This journal will take you deeper into the unique experience of your move and help to open the door of your heart and spirit to allow God full access. He wants to take you on a journey of experiencing Him in a way that will be life-changing.

Like the book, After the Boxes Are Unpacked, the Companion Journal is divided into three sections: Let Go, Start Over, and Move Forward and will guide you as you process 52 of the most essential topics addressed in the book. Each topic provides five days of writing – each day with prompts that will guide you into deeper thinking, praying, and processing.

But Mom, I Don’t Want to Move!

But Mom I don't want to move!

You’ve just told your children “We’re moving!” Now what? The news of a family move can trigger a range of reactions from excitement and anticipation to anxiety and anger.

But Mom, I Don’t Want to Move! gives mothers the guidance they need to get their children through this major change. Author Susan Miller, who has relocated with her family 14 times, provides practical ways to ease the uprooted feeling children may have before, during, and after a move. Offering specific ideas based on the ages of children and the variety of reasons for relocating, this book is a complete guide to making the adjustment to a new house, school, and community as smooth as possible.

Scriptures for the Uprooted

Scriptures for the Uprooted

Recently refreshed and recreated in a thinner, more convenient size! This daily flip book will encourage you on your journey through major life change with its 116 Bible verses and 24 key quotes by Susan Miller – all from her book After the Boxes are Unpacked

It is smartly organized into 3 sections to provide the uprooted with encouragement as they learn to Let Go, Start Over, and Move Forward in life. These scriptures and quotes will bring God’s hope, comfort, and encouragement during a time of transition in your life or in the life of someone you care about. A wonderful way to read and memorize scriptures that will remind you of God’s promises. 4.5″x5.5″ spiral-bound

After the Boxes Are Unpacked Study Materials

Teacher Guide

After the Boxes Are Unpacked Teacher Guide

Step-by-step lesson plans and helpful tips to lead an After the Boxes Are Unpacked study based on the book After the Boxes are Unpacked by Susan Miller

Newcomer Study Guide

After the Boxes Are Unpacked Newcomer Study Guide

Whether you’re going through the study guide by yourself or with a group of newcomers, this is the perfect accompaniment to the After the Boxes Are Unpacked study and Susan Miller’s book, After the Boxes are Unpacked. This is a thought-provoking study guide will take the newcomer more deeply into her own journey of a move. Study questions will help her identify and understand the emotional and spiritual challenges of a move and enable her to go through the process of ‘Letting Go, Starting Over, and Moving Forward’ with her life after a move. There is generous space for note taking and writing down prayer requests. This study guide will become a cherished resource.

Video Series

After the Boxes Are Unpacked Video Series

Join Just Moved Ministry founder, Susan Miller, and her video classroom as she guides women through the After the Boxes Are Unpacked study and the process of letting go, starting over, and moving forward with their lives after a move. This 3-disc collection guides you through the entire 12-session study. Included with the series is our updated and revisedFacilitator Guide. This guide has done all the homework for the facilitator and will help promote discussions and encourage a group to get the most out of their time together.