Strange Things Come in Small Packages

envelope Each week our office staff sends books and study materials to leaders of our Moving On After Moving In groups all over the world. They are carefully packed in all different sized boxes and padded envelopes. Each box is assembled by hand to fit the materials being shipped, and then taped securely to ensure a safe arrival. The same goes for our packing envelopes.

This is where our story begins…in a packing envelope.

Jana, one of our new leaders, will be starting a Moving On… group in Ballston Lake, New York soon. (Yay! We need one there with all the new families moving to the Albany area!) Jana called our office to order books and materials, and before you knew it, she and JoAnn, the National  Coordinator for all our groups, became fast friends. (This is so typical of our JoAnn. She becomes fast friends with all our leaders, not only giving five-star service, but praying for them and their families.)

So…JoAnn personally filled Jana’s order in a large, padded, packing envelope. She carefully filled it, sealed it, and off it went. A week later, JoAnn received an email that read:

…Today I opened the much-anticipated book and materials from Just Moved. Thanks, JoAnn, for sending me all the information and for a lovely and encouraging phone call about starting this group in my area. 

When I opened the envelope, I discovered something that decided to move on. He must have read Susan’s book, got excited about his move, but has now moved on to a better place…. 

There was a dead lizard inside the envelope!!  (Jana took this picture for proof…)  Never, in all our 18 years of ministry, has there ever been a report of anything dead or alive in anything we have shipped!  The only thing we can figure out, is that it came in the shipment of packing envelopes, dead and buried deep within the box. lizard

Relieved that Jana had a sense of humor about receiving “Godzilla” in her order, our staff and volunteers have gotten a lot of mileage out of the lizard story. We’ve come up with an assortment of names, from Lizzie to Leopold. We’ve devised a shipping checkpoint for unknown objects. We’ve started searching all envelopes at the door.

Yes my friends, there’s never a dull moment at the Just Moved Office. We ended 2013 with many of your funny stories, but also hundreds of your heartwarming ones. There were stories about your happy moves and your sad moves, your testimonies of faith and endurance during the hard times, and perseverance and hope through dire circumstances. You saw God working in and through a move in your life, and in the life of your family. And then there were those of you who came face to face with a Jesus you never really knew until a move shook your world.

As we begin 2014 together, we can’t wait to hear your stories, laugh and cry with you across the miles, encourage your heart, and most of all, keep “moving” you closer to Jesus through Just Moved Ministry.

Have a blessed and Christ-centered New Year!

From My Heart to Yours,

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