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Am moving coach 300pxEmbrace Joy

Designed for weekend retreat or conference: three sessions

  • Find Your Joy
  • Choose Joy in your Circumstances
  • Plant Seeds of Joy

Deep Roots in Christ

Designed to accommodate up to six sessions for a weekend conference or retreat.

• Breaking New Ground In Your Garden: Facing change with Christ in the seasons of life.
• How Does Your Garden Grow? Are you watering your woes, or fertilizing your faith?
• Know Your Gardener: Growing deeper roots with Christ.
• Blooming From Within…and branching out: Becoming a bouquet for Christ.   

Additional Sessions:

• Weeding Your Garden: Weeding out the things that keep us from growing in Christ.
• Ready, Set, Grow: Growing a stronger marriage/seeds of growth for moms.

A Passion for Christ

Designed to accommodate two sessions for a conference or retreat.

• In Your Heart
• In Your Home

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

Reflections of Christ in Your Life

Designed to accommodate three sessions for a weekend conference or retreat.

• Reflect Who You Are
• Reflect His Glory
• Reflect Your Life

One-Hour Presentations

    • Gracious Hospitality: A biblical and practical perspective
    • Friendship – The Heart of Relationships
    • How Do I Encourage You? Let Me Count the Ways!
    • Confronting Change with Christ
    • Assimilating Newcomers into Your Church (for church representatives)
    • Lovely Lessons from a Teacup: Finding contentment
    • Moving On After Moving In (for newcomers)
    • A Place Where You Belong! (Kick-off events)
    • Easing the Impact of Moving on Your Children
    • You Can Make It! Surviving and thriving through transition
    • Surviving Your Circumstances During Tough Times
    • Starting Over After the Boxes are Unpacked
    • Hope for the Uprooted Woman

Follow the Leader…
Leadership Patterns, Principles and Skills

Designed to accommodate three sessions for a weekend conference or retreat.

• Pattern For Leadership
• The Potential Leader
• Building A TEAM

Caught in the Crossfire of Daily Battles

Designed to accommodate up to five sessions for a conference or retreat.

Guard your heart
• Fight loneliness and fear
• Protect your family
• Strengthen your home
• Victory over circumstances

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A few of my most requested topics

embrace joyEmbrace Joy

Lost your joy? Sometimes you not only lose it, but you have a hard time finding it in the midst of everyday life! I’ll help you discover joy again, and we’ll go to God’s word to find out what real joy means, what it looks like, and how to keep it.

“Oh,” you say, “but how do I have joy during tough times and difficult circumstances?” I know, I’ve been in crisis and chaos, and asked that same question. I’ll share with you what the daily “joy- robbers” are, and the biblical principles I’ve learned about being content in spite of your circumstances. You’ll gain insight into what emotions, gratitude, and guarding your heart have to do with it all. And then, we’ll wrap up our time together by sharing practical ways to cultivate joy in our relationships, and how to live out joy daily. It will be a “joy-filled” time together! (Designed for a weekend retreat or conference: three sessions)

woman lying in the grass

Deep Roots in Christ

Every now and then, a woman needs a good visual to get the message! With this theme, a garden is your life, and God is your gardener. We’ll talk about how to face the many changes that come in different seasons of your life. Then, if you’ve ever watered your woes like I have, I’ll show you how to fertilize your faith instead. I’ll help you understand why you have those pity parties when circumstances become overwhelming, and how to strengthen your faith as you dig deep roots in Christ. I’ll even challenge you to bloom, girl, bloom! And, if you really want to keep on planting, I can equip you with the seeds to grow in your marriage and parenting! (Designed for weekend retreat or conference: up to six sessions)

woman looking in the mirrorMirror, Mirror on the Wall…
Reflections of Christ in Your Life

Have you ever said to yourself, “Who IS that person in the mirror?” Well, I have—and sometimes I see things I don’t like about myself!  In this message, we’ll take a good look at how we view ourselves with all our hang-ups, and what we see when we look at ourselves through God’s eyes. We’ll clear the cobwebs to get a clear view of who we really are. I will pass along some great biblical principles and even some practical how-to’s that will help you see yourself as God sees you, and how you can reflect Christ in every arena of your life. (Designed for weekend retreat or conference: three sessions)

busy womanCaught in the Crossfire of Daily Battles

As a wife and a mom, you face the battlefields of life every day. How do you fight the battle of loneliness and fear when you feel alone and anxious? How do you protect your marriage and your children from brokenness? How do you strengthen your home from being pulled apart? How do you have victory over your circumstances when you are overwhelmed? Sometimes you feel defeated before you even start the day. Life happens, and you get caught in the crossfire. As I arm you with God’s marching orders and some practical insight, you will be gently reminded that your daily battles are best left at the foot of the cross and in the care of Jesus. (Designed for military retreat or conference: up to five sessions)

woman in crisisSurviving Your Circumstances During Tough Times

In this day and age, you often face circumstances that are beyond your control. Your crisis might be loss of a job, loss of a home, moving, divorce, rebellious children, illness, or death—just to name a few. You wonder how you will ever get through this difficult and stressful time, much less how you will even survive it emotionally. I share my story and the strength I found through Christ, not only to survive, but to thrive, in the midst of my loss. From my experience, and the biblical principles I know and trust, I will equip you to live above your circumstances. (Designed for a one-hour session)

woman facing changeConfronting Change with Christ

I have often heard that the only thing constant in life is change. Those constant changes in our lives can be good or bad; happy or sad, and bring with them a kaleidoscope of emotions that affect every aspect of our lives. As a woman who has gone through a major life-change, I know first-hand how it can make you stronger if you face change with Christ – or how it can break you when you try to face it alone. I’d love to share what I learned in the process, and how you can find peace and joy with any major change in your life. (Designed for a one-hour session)

grateful womanHow Do I Encourage You? Let Me Count the Ways…

Have you ever wanted to encourage someone and you didn’t know what to do, what to say, or what to take to them as a means of encouragement? Well, grab your pen and paper! We’ll start with encouragement from God’s word, and then I’ll share with you fun and practical ways to encourage the people in your life—everyone from your husband, to your children, family, and friends. You’ll leave personally encouraged and equipped to encourage others! (Designed for a one-hour session)

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