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Whether it’s a move, a divorce, a job loss, or the loss of a loved one, any major life-change can leave you feeling rootless. Susan Miller brings a unique and hope-filled message to look to God when your life has been uprooted by change and nothing will ever be quite the same. Susan is the Founder of Just Moved Ministry and the author of After the Boxes Are Unpacked and its companion study. She is invited to speak throughout the U.S. and internationally at church conferences, women’s events, corporate venues, and at military installations.

24. Once you’ve made the move with your family, how do you help your kids navigate a new school, make good friends, handle their emotions, and get involved in activities they enjoy? How much do you help and when should you step back? Susan Miller wants to encourage you and offer loads of ideas. Part 3 in our 3-part series, Kids and Moving. 

Help your kids settle in after a move

23. So, the move is happening. You’re on the road or in the air and you’re on your way to a new place and a new start. Susan offers tried and true advice and encouragement with ways you can prepare so that the experience can be smoother for the whole family. Part 2 in a 3-part series, Kids and Moving.

During the Move – plan ahead for a smoother experience for the family

22. If you’re planning a move with kids in tow, you’ll be glad you listened to this podcast filled with practical ideas and important information that will make it a smoother experience. Part 1 in a 3–part series, Kids and Moving.

Prepare Your Kids for a Move

21. Move to a Place of Gratitude
In the midst of challenging circumstances, gratitude for even the smallest things – a cool breeze, bird song, a beautiful sunset – can give you new perspective and lift your spirits. What can you be grateful for? Have you thanked God for them?

Move to a Place of Gratitude

20. Move to a Place of Contentment
Life change, especially a  move, can trigger feelings of discontentment. Susan Miller has been there and can help you find your way out of your valley of discontent.

Move to a Place of Contentment

19. Lost and Found
A major life change, especially a move, can strip you of having a sense of your identity — the way you belong in a community. Before this change, you and everyone around you knew what you did well and knew your role in the community. Reestablishing your identity takes time. What to do in the meantime? Susan Miller offers direction.

Lost and Found

18. Unpack Your Marriage After a Move
Moving adds lots of stress to a marriage. Susan Miller offers practical ideas and inspiration to add strength to your marriage during tough times.

Unpack Your Marriage After a Move

17. A Fresh Start and a Second Chance.
One year has come to an end. Another has begun. Whether your year was rich and rewarding or difficult, a new year is a great time for a fresh start. Life can be understood by looking back, but can only be lived by moving forward.

A Fresh Start and a Second Chance

16. Gifts Without Ribbons. At Christmas the emphasis is on beautiful packages wrapped in colorful Christmas wrap and ribbon. But the best gift may be one that comes without ribbons – the gift of yourself that you give to others.

Gifts Without Ribbons

15. The Longing of Your Heart. There’s a longing in every woman’s heart when she’s been uprooted by change. A longing to be reassured she’s not alone, to be rescued from fear and weariness, to be renewed and restored.

The Longing of Your Heart

14. Always, Forever, and No Matter What. Major life change is rarely a smooth path. You can count on some of the way to be rocky. Susan Miller encourages you to view the rocks as stepping stones of faith that God uses to lead you to the other side of this transition and to a deeper place of intimacy with Him.

Always, Forever, and No Matter What

13. A New You. Major life change can have a positive impact on your life. Susan Miller invites you to examine how you’re doing physically, emotionally, and spiritually and offers ideas for you to start investing in these areas TODAY.

A New You

12. Just three words: worry, anxiety, and fear. They’re enough to spoil any day. But God offers comfort and peace. He wants you to bring your worries to Him. Bring ALL to Him in total surrender and watch for the ways He will calm and reassure you.

Just Three Words: Worry, Anxiety, Fear

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