Settling in After a Move

Writer: Susan Miller

Source: Christian Woman Today

9 steps toward feeling settled in your new home

1.   Don’t expect things to be the same in your new location as they were in the old one, or you’ll be disappointed.

2.   Focus on what you have here, not on what you had there.

3.   Accept being where you are.

4.   Send samples of your new culture to your family (seashells, fruit, rose petals-whatever is typical of your new area.)

5.   Send “a piece of who you are” to friends (favorite book, recipe, poems, verse-whatever you love)

6.   Let go of expectations that you’ll move back.

7.   Dwell on the positive and not the negative.

8.   Write your family or friends and tell them how much you cherish them in your life. Written words are keepsakes!

9.   Find a church. When you have found one, you are home.

Excerpted from After the Boxes Are Unpacked, by Susan Miller.

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