Moving Survival Kit For Marriage

Twenty-Five Ways To Convey Your Love
Writer: Susan Miller
Source: Proverbs 31 Ministry

1. Be his cheerleader – not his critic.
2. Greet him at the door when he comes home from work.
3. Bake his favorite pie.
4. Write a love note and put it in his briefcase or coat pocket.
5. Frame a recent picture of yourself for his office.
6. Hold hands in public or at the movies.
7. Tell him you believe in him.
8. Listen to him.
9. Learn as much as you can about his work.
10. Always kiss him good-bye in the morning.
11. Always kiss him good-night.
12. Call him at work and tell him you are thinking about him.
13. When he returns home from a trip, put a “welcome home” sign on the door.
14. Buy his favorite ice cream.
15. Mail a romantic card to him at his office.
16. Watch a TV sports program with him.
17. Never criticize him in public and never compare him to someone else’s husband.
18. Tell him you love him at least once a day.
19. A hug can speak volumes; so can a kiss.
20. Write “I love you” on the bathroom mirror with lipstick.
21. Plan a “date night” and go to his favorite restaurant.
22. Speak of his good qualities; pray about his bad qualities.
23. Anticipate his needs.
24. Look him in the eyes and say, “I’d follow you to the end of the earth.”
25. Tell him five reasons you would move anywhere with him.


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