Emotional Stages Of Moving

Source: Susan Miller

The Arizona Republic

Stage 1: Letting Go

Choose to let go of anything you are emotionally holding on to that could prevent you from starting over and moving ahead. You can practice letting go by choosing to cherish in your heart the things you left behind, rather than clinging to them.

Stage 2: Starting Over

As you start over, first face the feelings of loneliness, loss of identity and inadequacy. Rebuild your nest by putting a welcome mat at the front door, surround yourself with familiar things you love in each room, buy a plant as reminder you are putting down roots. Join up and join in to fight loneliness.

Stage 3: Moving Ahead

In choosing to move ahead, you are making a choice to live above your circumstances, live with a positive attitude and live in contentment. Begin to change the focus on your life from yourself to others. There is always someone who is struggling with transition and change.

How To Settle In…

Let go of expectations that things in this home will be the same, such as pantry space or the setup of your home office.

Focus on what you have here, not on hat you had there. Great Mexican food vs. great Philly cheese steaks, for example.

Accept being where you are.

Release expectations that you’ll move back.

Find a gym, find a church, find a Starbucks. Find whatever place helped give your week structure, comfort and purpose.

Be a tourist for a day and turn into an expert. Explore new landmarks, historical sites and tourist destinations in the city. It will help roots grow.

…And Make Connections

Don’t wait to be asked. Invite new acquaintances out for coffee, whether they’re co-workers, parents met through children or the person on the neighboring treadmill.

Walk the neighborhood. Introduce yourself as the new neighbor.

Find like groups. Were you into quilting where you used to live? Part of a book or mountain-biking club? Find similar groups here to join.

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