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When your teen doesn't want to move

Where you live has a bigger impact on happiness and health than you might imagine. (Informative Washington Post article that also references Susan Miller and Just Moved Ministry)

When your teen doesn’t want to move

The day we told our 16-year-old son, Bill, that we were moving again, he walked out of the room without saying a word. Our 13-year-old daughter, Ginger, seemed shocked by the news. She kept asking, “Why?”

In our 14 corporate moves, I’ve often had to give this unwelcome news to my teens, doing my best to soften the blow each time. Whether it’s one move or 14, uprooting teens involves emotions over the loss of relationships and activities and their fear of the unknown. While we usually can’t prevent the move, we can help our teens ease into the transition so they adjust well.

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